"Design is the relationship between form and content."
Paul Rand

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dombek—bolay is a Düsseldorf-based design studio focusing on visual identity, brand development, graphic design and campaigns.
We develop future-oriented strategies and flexible solutions for people and companies in the economic and cultural sectors.

Every customer introduces new challenges from different fields to us – and we are always curious and never stop learning. Sometimes we are educational experts, sometimes motorcycle experts, sometimes foodies, blockchain specialists and perhaps tomorrow quantum physicists – all with passion and high quality standards. We therefore attach great value to a good collaborative relationship with our customers and to tasks which we back 100 % and to which we can be fully committed.

The hard core

Alex & Dani (dom-bo_studio_alex.jpg)

Alexander Dombek – concept & design

Alex & Dani (dom-bo_studio_alex-hover.jpg)
Alex & Dani (dom-bo_studio_daniel.jpg)

Daniel Bolay – concept & design

Alex & Dani (dom-bo_studio_daniel-hover.jpg)

… and their "permanent-freelance" collaborators:

Sari — Basti — Bernd (dom-bo_studio_sara-lena.jpg)

Sara-Lena Bolay – concept & design

Sari — Basti — Bernd (dom-bo_studio_sara-lena-hover.jpg)
Sari — Basti — Bernd (dom-bo_studio_basti.jpg)

Sebastian Hontheim – design & visual art

Sari — Basti — Bernd (dom-bo_studio_basti-hover.jpg)
Sari — Basti — Bernd (dom-bo_studio_bernd.jpg)

Bernd Bücker – concept & text

Sari — Basti — Bernd (dom-bo_studio_bernd-hover.jpg)
Felix — Albi (dom-bo_studio_felix.jpg)

Felix Tappe – text, copyediting & translation

Felix — Albi (dom-bo_studio_felix-hover.jpg)
Felix — Albi (dom-bo_studio_albert.jpg)

Alber Naasner – design, web development & UX design

Felix — Albi (dom-bo_studio_albert-hover.jpg)

Very close teamwork and good communication with our customers are preconditions for successfully realising projects and providing long-term support.

Analysis and Strategy, Art Direction, Book Design, Campaign development, Copywriting, Corporate Communication, Corporate Design, Corporate Identity, Corporate Publishing, Editorial Design, Employer Branding, Event Design, Photo and Film, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographics, Communication in space, Concept, Brand Development, Trade Fair Design, Motion Graphics, Naming, Orientation System, Packaging, Production Print and Digital, Recruiting Campaigns, User Interface Design, Web and App Design, Advertising…

We offer a wide range of services – from brand development and book design to motion graphics. Whatever our clients' goals, we are always ready to enter unknown territory, gain new experience, learn with them and improve. We are game for everything – be brave – contact us!

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In recent years, we have worked directly or together with other agencies for these clients:


BMP-Werbung, Cheil Worldwide, Deekeling Arndt Advisors, Fresh Fruit Communication, Handelsblatt, Havas Worldwide, Heithausen Behler, K12, MAC Studios, Ogilvy & Mather, Palegray Marketing, Parasol Island, Twenty One Media, Westwerk, Wirtschaftswoche, YeaHR!


BMW Group, BMW Motorrad, Mini, Rollce Royce, Seat, Skoda

Real estate

Alexa Berlin, Centro Oberhausen, Copera Immobilien, die Mep Meppen, GAGFAH Group, Hansainvest, Höfe am Brühl, mfi, One am Coloneum, Prime Consulting, Ratio_Land Baunatal, Sonae Sierra, Vivawest, Wandsbek-Quarree

Small/medium-sized businesses

Adler Werbegeschenke, Atelier Gardeur, ATLAS Smart Snacks, Autohaus Reuter, Café Liebling, Consulting Plus, Deutsche Edelastahlwerke, First Christmas, Gottschalk Großküchentechnik, Grip Motion Ltd., Happy Tree, Hospitality Digital GmbH, Integration Matters, Integrated Systems Europe, Kaasa Health, Kaasa Home Automation, Logoline, Lohmann, López|Flemmig, LPR, Notifier, NX-Food, Optik Katzer, Pabst und Richarz, Physio Plus, Steuerkanzlei Frenking, Thea Weires Fotografie, Wacom, Weingut Pfeiffer, Willi Nothers Photography


AEG, Akzo Nobel, Allianz, Dalli-Group, Deutsche Post DHL, Deutsche Telekom, Dirt Devil, Dupont, Ergo, Ericsson, Esprit, Evonik, LG Electronics, L’Oréal, Metro Group, Nedap Retail, Raiffeisen-Markt, Real, Rheinische Post, Rossmann, RWE, Schmolz + Bickenbach Group, Siemens, Sparkasse Düsseldorf, Thyssenkrupp, Trinkgut, TUI Group, Vaillant Group, Unitymedia


Aktion Mensch, BCW Bildungscentrum der Wirtschaft, BGL e. V., BMZ, BZgA, Weltladen El Mundo, EMBA, EUFOM, Fördergesellschaft zeitgenössischer Kunst, FOM Hochschule, Haus des Waldes Stuttgart, Kindernothilfe e.V., LVR, Ministerium der Justiz NRW, Ministerium Schule und Bildung NRW, MiQua Jüdisches Museum im Archäologischen Quartier, Stadt Köln, Stiftung Zollverein, Terre des Hommes, VDI, WiWo e. V., zakk Kulturzentrum Düsseldorf

A selection of logos and brands developed by us

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