Culture for everyone,
with everyone
and by everyone.

A unique experience of culture and art (maniana_skiathosgardentheatre_cover.jpg)

Task: Visual identity, corporate design, corporate communication and web design
Client: Skiathos Garden Theatre
Year: 2023

The first garden theatre on the Greek island of Skiathos is being built in the midst of the island's beautiful natural and architectural heritage.
And the garden really is at the heart of everything that happens here. It is not only home to numerous olive trees, but also gives rise to a wealth of colourful ideas.

Dance, music, theatre and workshops – the Skiathos Garden Theatre will provide a platform for a wide variety of cultural experiences and become a space for interaction.

garden-animation (sgt_maniana-website_thetheatre_gif-ani_4.gif)

We're creating a place for stories from the past, present and future.

stage (maniana_skiathosgardentheatre_stage.jpg)

The word mark reflects the contrast between ancient and modern, young and old, traditional and contemporary, as well as the interaction between them.

logo (maniana_skiathosgardentheatre_logo.jpg)

The design system

is characterized by harmoniously correlating elements of the two typefaces, a lively colour world and matching photos.
Inspired by the garden with its variety of plants, the floral and organic illustrations complete every design. They create the connection between nature and culture, act as a frame, set accents and allow dancing dynamics to flow in.
The free use and flexible combination of all elements always allow the content and essence of an event to be emphasized without ever losing recognition.

design system ani (sgt_maniana-website_designsystem_gif-ani.gif)
Poster (maniana_skiathosgardentheatre_poster.jpg)
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poster stands image & event (maniana_skiathosgardentheatre_poster-stand-event.jpg)
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