... in one small package

All you need ... (dom-bo_gripmotion_cover.jpg)

Task: Corporate Identity
Client: Grip Motion Ltd., New Zealand
Coop: Leonie Fröhlich, Concept & Design
Year: 2016

Uniform appearance for the New Zealand company Grip Motion Ltd., which specialises in special effects for film productions and equipment rental.

Development and implementation of the corporate design with business stationery, outdoor advertising, portfolio and website.

logo-animation (grip-motion.gif)

The logo symbolises an abstract camera aperture with its individual parts – as a figure for the extensive and compact equipment:

All you need in one small package!

Stationary (dom-bo_gripmotion_stationary.jpg)

Reduction to black, white and one accent colour. Petrol stands for safety and clarity, but also for openness. On the other hand, black stands for reliability and technology. Strong light-dark contrasts reflect the focus on the most important thing: the professionalism and effectiveness of the company.

Icons (dom-bo_gripmotion_icons.jpg)
Web Desktop (dom-bo_gripmotion_web-desktop.jpg)
Web Mobile (dom-bo_gripmotion_web-mobil.jpg)
Web Desktop Profil (dom-bo_gripmotion_web-desktop_profil.jpg)
Pickup (dom-bo_gripmotion_pickup.jpg)
Klamotten (dom-bo_gripmotion_clothes.jpg)
Moods (dom-bo_gripmotion_moods.jpg)