Back to the past, layer by layer

2000 years of walk-through history (dom-bo_miqua_fassade.jpg)

Rendering: Wandel Lorch Architekten

Task: Logo development, Corporate Design with CI/CD-Manual & Master files
Client: HauptwegNebenwege GmbH / Miqua. LVR Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne & City of Cologne
Year: 2018

The MIQUA. LVR Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter is located in a very special place. The historical development of the city of Cologne over two millennia is presented in a special way above and below the Rathausplatz in Cologne: with the visible, new museum "ABOVE ground", which also provides access to the layers "BELOW ground".

logo-animation (miqua2.gif)

Logo and design system play easily and confidently with the theme "above and below" – symbolising the complexity and change of perspective.

Bild Oben Unten (dom-bo_miqua_oben-unten.jpg)

Design axes

Texts, images and graphics are aligned along the imaginary vertical axis.
The imaginary horizontal axis serves as an idea amplifier for the layer representation and is the basis of the design system.
The following application examples illustrate this systematic approach.

Gestaltungsachsen GIF (dom-bo_miqua_gestaltungsachsen.gif)
Fassade nah (dom-bo_miqua_fassade-nah.jpg)
Plakate (dom-bo_miqua_plakate.gif)
Stationary (dom-bo_miqua_vk-brief-mappe.gif)
Glanz mat (dom-bo_miqua_logo-glanz-matt.jpg)

The MIQUA colour world takes up the LVR colours and is complemented by a fresh palette.

Farben (dom-bo_miqua_farben.jpg)

Any number of pictograms can be derived from the elements of the word mark, e.g. for the guidance system, the website or submarks.

Icons GIF (dom-bo_miqua_icons2.gif)
Leitsystem (dom-bo_miqua_leitsystem.jpg)

Rendering: Wandel Lorch Architekten

Young MIQUA (dom-bo_miqua_young-miqua.jpg)
Web Mobil 01 (dom-bo_miqua_web-01-mobil.jpg)
Web Mobil 02 (dom-bo_miqua_web-02-mobil.jpg)
Web Mobil 03 stripe (dom-bo_miqua_web-03-mobil-stripe.jpg)

Abstraction of the layers as a further design element

Gestaltung Schichten (dom-bo_miqua_mockup-citylight.jpg)
Rollups (dom-bo_miqua_mockup-rollup-01.jpg)
Rollups (dom-bo_miqua_mockup-rollup-02.jpg)
Messe (dom-bo_miqua_mockup-messestand.jpg)
Magazin Cover (dom-bo_miqua_magazin-cover.jpg)
Magazin Innen (dom-bo_miqua_magazin-innen.gif)

The MIQUA foundation stone

Grundstein (dom-bo_miqua_grundstein_kw-schmidt.jpg)

Markus Heindl, stonemason of the Cathedral workshop in Cologne, © Klaus W. Schmidt

Grundstein Close (dom-bo_miqua_grundstein-close_kw-schmidt.jpg)

© Klaus W. Schmidt