I want to be
who I am.

Supportive. Active. Together. (maniana_bamschule_header.jpg)

Task: Visual identity, corporate design, corporate communication and web design
Client: BAM Free Active School Düsseldorf
Cooperation: Konstantin Zayka, Logo & Illustration
Year: 2023

BAM stands for Begleitend (Supportive) – Aktiv (Active) – Miteinander (Together).

BAM School is the first Free Active School in Düsseldorf. BAM's values of freedom, individuality and enjoyment of learning are the basis for the school's new approach. BAM provides learning and living spaces where students can pursue their interests and discover their strengths.

Working closely with the enthusiastic founders of BAM, the mañana team captured the "BAM spirit" and used it to create a visual identity for this unique school in Düsseldorf.


– the brand core and the basic idea of the design were also intended to reflect this philosophy.

sign (maniana_bamschule_header-2.jpg)

The principle of
the design

The basic idea (colourful, active, together) of the design is implemented in a playful way while at the same time harmoniously combining all the basic elements.

The attractive and appealing design is characterised by a clear design language together with playful elements and friendly colours.

With its clear and easily understood content, intuitive usability and visually appealing design for the target group, the website and print materials make the "BAM spirit" instantly accessible.

Design system

Mission statement cover (maniana_bamschule_leitbild-cover.jpg)
Mission statement inside (maniana_bamschule_leitbild-innen.jpg)

Shape & colour

Wayfinding (maniana_bamschule_wayfinding.jpg)
Stand (maniana_bamschule_stand.jpg)
personal cards (maniana_bamschule_personal-card-1.jpg)
personal cards front (maniana_bamschule_personal-card-2.jpg)
personal cards back (maniana_bamschule_personal-card-3.jpg)
stationary (maniana_bamschule_stationary-1.jpg)
stationary (maniana_bamschule_stationary-2.jpg)
stationary (maniana_bamschule_stationary-3.jpg)
merch & socialmedia (maniana_bamschule_merch.jpg)
merch & socialmedia (maniana_bamschule_socialmedia.jpg)
Website (maniana_bamschule_website.jpg)
Mobile (maniana_bamschule_website-mobil.jpg)